About The End of Tyranny

This site is about a regular guy who has some thoughts on politics, this nation and the world. Specifically, I am increasing concerned, frustrated and angry about the growing tyranny that surrounds us, the citizens of this nation, impacting nearly every aspect of our lives and creating ever more obstacles to liberty. I titled the site ‘The End of Tyranny’ not because I claim to have the road map to ending this tyranny, but frankly because of the simple hope I have that enough people can wake up to what is happening to our nation and to us as a people, and we can perhaps herald the end of this madness. I’m not rich, famous, or highly educated. I’m not brilliant and I don’t pretend to be. I do, however, have some thoughts on what I see in the world around me that I want to sure with whoever is willing to read them. My only hope is to provide an outlet for myself, perhaps provide some entertainment and thought provocation to those reading and engage folks in interesting discussion. So read, provide me with your own thoughts, and enjoy the site.